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In memory of
Brent Gabrielsen

Teens-Matter is approved by Placer County Peer Court

We think teenagers are marvelous! Providing teens a safe, caring space and the tools to figure out who they are is what we all about. Here's what some of our participants have to say:

Teens-Matter really helped me speak up for myself and not let everyone walk all over me. I set boundaries now. Everything's so much better.—Rose A.

I am happier and more confident in the person I already was. Coming here puts me in a good mood.—Jay S.

My daughter had lost interest in school, sports, and social activities, and was experiencing depression and low self-worth. After just a few sessions I could see her confidence return. She is outgoing again and enjoying life.—Delighted Parent

I feel more grounded and more confident. Things are much clearer to me now and I can communicate better.—Ashley F.


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